Running a Photography Business: The Basics

Running a Photography Business: The Basics

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Course Description

You love photography and you're good at it. So maybe it's time to turn pro—as a freelancer or even full time. In this course, photo-marketing consultant Skip Cohen introduces the issues and considerations you should think about before starting a photography business. Learn how to define your niche, get practice and feedback, and build a brand as well as a network. From understanding the industry to marketing yourself, this course will give you a solid foundation on which to build a photography business.

What you will learn

Defining your niche Understanding your target audience and specialty Getting practice Understanding the industry and building your network The elements of your brand Gear: lease vs. buy Tracking your costs


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: 1. Defining Your Niche

Section 3: 2. Niches vs. Skill Set

Section 4: 3. Practice, Practice, Practice

Section 5: 4. Understanding the Industry

Section 6: 5. Building Your Team, Reputation, and Brand

Section 7: 6. Building Your Network

Section 8: 7. Getting Feedback—Outside Your Family!

Section 9: 8. Your Gear

Section 10: 9. Keeping Track of Your Costs

Section 11: 10. Keys to Success

Section 12: Conclusion