Learning Nagios

Learning Nagios

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Course Description

Nagios is an industry-standard, open-source solution, which makes Nagios a great choice to get started in network monitoring and administration. Learn how to use Nagios to monitor system health and gain actionable intelligence about your IT infrastructure, in this course with instructor and DevOps engineer Josh Samuelson. Josh shows how to set up a Nagios server, use plugins, and configure monitoring via the command line. He explains how to set up custom alerts and generate graphs of your data for more comprehensive insights. Plus, learn how to integrate PagerDuty to manage your on-call schedule and escalations and manage alerts remotely.

What you will learn

Configuring Nagios Monitoring a server Using nagiosgraph to visualize monitoring data Setting up custom alerts Integrating PagerDuty with Nagios


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: 1. Installing Nagios

Section 3: 2. Configuring Nagios

Section 4: 3. Beyond the Basics

Section 5: Conclusion