Go Essential Training

Go Essential Training

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Course Description

Go is a next-generation, open-source programming language created by Google, prized for its concurrency and connectivity. Using Go, developers can build modern applications that can actually save companies money on backend resources. This course is designed to help developers be productive with Go, starting with the essentials of the syntax. Learn the basics of Go basic types such as numbers and strings; working with conditionals and loops; creating object-oriented code with structs and methods; and handling errors. Instructor Miki Tebeka also emphasizes the concurrency features such as goroutines and channels and connectivity features for networking with APIs and databases. For the final project, Mika shows you how to build a highly concurrent server that combines everything you've learned into one elegant solution powered by Go.

What you will learn

Go basic types, conditionals, and loops Go functions Object-oriented programming with Go Error handling Concurrent programming with channels Testing and project management Networking with JSON and HTTP


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: 1. Getting Started

Section 3: 2. Go Basics

Section 4: 3. Functions

Section 5: 4. Object-Oriented

Section 6: 5. Error Handling

Section 7: 6. Concurrency

Section 8: 7. Project Management

Section 9: 8. Networking

Section 10: Conclusion